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I’m on a plane.

Law360 announced today that the Ninth District Court of Appeals has, in principle, asked Visalus attorneys to explain why about. The $ 1 billion judgment against it should be reduced:

“I have to tell you what the reason is.”

Read closer:

Yes, that’s weird. Lawyers usually explain why appellate courts should do what they want.

Then one of the judges on the panel sounded again:

I think you have a problem challenging the constitutional theory, because you have to say that $ 500 includes a penalty. Otherwise, you’re nowhere to be found. “

It sounds cutting and unpleasant – and it was probably meant to be so – but it also opens the door to an incredibly important decision5.

What if-what if- the ninth claims that 500 violations fail constitutional control ????

The door to such a tcpaworld changeable decision opened. Did the defender of the shit go through it?

Not in accordance with the law 360 summary:

“[w]We need to look at the total damage and its impact on this company. This privately owned company is zero.


Wrong answer.

The Tsar formally requests that he be allowed to continue to challenge all critical appeals from tcpaworld. Sorry, no pity.

When the door opens, you have to step through it.

Anyway, I support you. Victory here can literally change everything.

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